Passport for Creative Work

Copyright Updated

FileProtected provides an instant and automatic content registration service. First, it uses the blockchain, timestamps and digital fingerprints to make copyright ownership, provenance, and authenticity indisputable. FileProtected then offers simple tools to help you protect, inform, share, transact, deliver and monetize content, anywhere it goes.

FileProtected can register any digital asset or intellectual property (IP) including but not limited to inventions, original literary artistic works, concepts, and ideas. FileProtected helps to secure copyright, discourage infringement, reduce disputes, and increase discovery, sales and work opportunities, without middlemen.

Feature Highlights

Who owns your work?

Creative ID

Each FileProtected registration generates a unique web page which combines a blockchain registration with a public Creative Identity. Wherever the work goes, a web-based and downloadable manifest is anchored to the work and linked to a blockchain registration.

The Creative ID is used when sending, sharing, publishing, transacting or delivering work. Viewers can instantly verify copyright details, check usage terms, authenticity, contact the owner and make a payment. A Creative ID enables buyers and sellers to engage in a trusted creative process and transact with full confidence in the ownership, origin and integrity of the assets being exchanged.


FileProtected benefits all creative types, professionals and amateurs alike who create, produce, share, publish transact, license or sell intellectual property. This includes photographers, filmmakers, computer game, VR, AR, web designers, software developers, musicians, screenwriters, journalists, designers, inventors, advertising agencies, digital agencies, art buyers, and galleries.


FileProtected leverages new blockchain technology to deliver an alternative, more efficient and cost-effective copyright registration service which meets the demands of a new generation of digital content creators. It locks in ownership and value, reduces the power of gatekeepers, middlemen and increases autonomy. Unlike Copyright, which can only register finished work, the blockchain enables registration throughout the creative process providing vital evidence for copyright ownership and infringement disputes.

Just like the internet allows for a direct and immediate exchange of information and data, the blockchain allows for a direct and immediate exchange of value without a centralized and trusted third party or intermediaries.


The rapid growth of the digital economy has created expanding global markets for digital content. Unfortunately, for many creators, the demand for content has not increased earnings, and infringement has grown exponentially. The Internet age has delivered many positive things, unfortunately protecting IP is not one of them. IP is often created and exchanged at lightning speed. Infringement is as easy as copy and paste. Current IP law is a “right without a remedy” as it fails to protect your rights as individual creators and small businesses lack the financial resources to bring a suit for infringement in federal court. Until there is another option besides a federal court for smaller creators like myself (, most of our work remains unregistered with no attribution, vulnerable to infringement and without adequately defined ownership or usage rights.

Copyright needs to be updated!

There are 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram every day! Copyright introduced in the 1700s never saw Instagram coming! The current copyright and legal framework cannot possibly provide registration and protection for even a fraction of them. It's too slow, cost-prohibitive, complex to navigate and dependent on attorneys.


FileProtected was founded by Andy Rosen and Björn Graf. They have been partners for a decade developing software solutions for the creative industries. FileProtected evolved from Andy’s experiences as a photographer ( and a career working in the entertainment, media and advertising industry. Andy was the founder of The Underground, a leading music video, commercial production company and music label distributed by Virgin America. (

The Mission

In the end, efforts to avoid the unauthorized use of copyrighted content will eventually be unsuccessful in the digital age. The goal of FileProtected is to help creators strike a delicate balance between the protection of their IP from unauthorized use and encouraging innovation, commerce and fair compensation for all creators.