Why FileProtected?

Everybody is now a content creator. The rapid growth of the digital economy has created expanding global markets for content and rights holders. For many, the demand for content has not resulted in increased earnings and infringement has grown exponentially. Unfortunately, 70% of the digital content in circulation online are without adequately defined or obtained usage rights. The vast majority with neither copyright protection or licensing rights. Many creators are not credited or paid. Illegal copying and distribution of copyright materials have had a profoundly disruptive effect on a range of industries and in particular creative markets. This makes it very difficult to create value or prove ownership, which makes it difficult to trust. Often potential buyers have no easy way to check copyright details or contact a creator even if they wanted to pay for usage. Creators miss out on licensing and other opportunities simply because nobody could find them or access accurate up to date information.

As the CEO/Co-Founder of FileProtected and an internationally published and exhibited photographer (andyrosenphotos.com), I take the lack of attribution, increasing copyright infringement, and not being compensated fairly as a creator seriously. The fact is the existing copyright framework, and its incompatibilities with a digital economy no longer provide a satisfactory solution for many artists, creators, IP owners and content buyers. It cannot keep up with the volume, demand and lightning speed of a digital economy. Roughly 95 million daily images and videos are shared on Instagram alone. Traditional copyright registration would be too time-consuming and cost prohibitive; it's just not feasible.

FileProtected tackles these issues head-on and more. FileProtected is a software as a service for the creative community. It uses blockchain technology as a foundation to create a better system for registering, securing, discovering, authenticating and determining the ownership of original work. It connects creators for trusted licensing and sales without intermediaries, certifies creative work, creates trust between parties, and helps to reduce infringement disputes.

Wherever you publish or share content, the FileProtected link is a permanent and unbreakable link between a creator and his work. It anchors to the file a combination of a Creative ID to inform, a blockchain registration to certify attribution and a cryptographic digital fingerprint (hash) to authenticate the integrity of the file. It clearly informs others of your copyright details, description of work, licensing, sales, availability, contact information and enables instant inquires.

A blockchain registration is not a replacement for traditional copyright; on the contrary, it re-enforces copyright by simply establishing strong evidence of the existence and validity of copyright — saving time and money in proving who came first in infringement disputes. In many ways it supersedes it.