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Bruce Springsteen

by Andy Rosen

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  1. Bruce Spingsteen

Title: Bruce Springsteen
Owner: Andy Rosen

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Title: Bruce Springsteen
Creator: Andy Rosen
Owner: Andy Rosen
Registered by: Andy Rosen
Date created: 1985-04-06
Copyright status: All Rights Reserved.
Work type: Visual Arts/Photography
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Keywords: Bruce Springsteen
Hashtags: #brucespringsteen #Andyrosen
Published date: 1985-07-12
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Edition: 1/35

Address: Los Angeles, USA
Nationality: British
Country: USA

The image was taken Sunday, April 1985 in Sydney Harbor on a private American owned J class racing yacht.

Bruce had just finished the "Born in the U.S.A". Australian tour. A few band members and roadies joined him for a sail around Sydney Harbor. Helicopters were flying overhead trying to get pictures. I was a personal guest of the Yacht owner and the only photographer. He didn't know I was a professional photographer. I knew I only had one shot at getting my pic. I loaded up a few Nikons. Stashed them below deck at the hatch furthest from the steering wheel. I knew he would be offered a chance to steer. When he did I raced below deck, popped up out the hatch and banged off 3 rolls of film. I have included a shot that I sold to the Sydney Morning Herald the next day.


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35mm/color/Ektachrome 200

This image is available for sale in a limited edition and signed. Please contact for more information.


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