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Title: Simon Le Bon
Creator: Andy Rosen
Owner: Andy Rosen
Registered by: Andy Rosen
Edition: 1/25
Credit line: Andy Rosen
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Work type: Visual Arts/Photography
Submitted at: 10/26/2020 11:50PM
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Published date: 1982-08-22
Hashtags: #simonlebon #andyrosen #portraits #1980
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Licensor: Andy Rosen
Rep/Agency/Sales: Peggy Steevensz
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Address: Toluca Lake
City: Los Angeles
State/Province: CA
Postal code: 91602
Nationality: British
Country: USA


Simon Le Bon, Duran Duran. London 1982, Blakes Hotel, shot for Ritz's Newspaper

Timing is everything. Duran Duran had been in seclusion for the previous year, and nobody had any recent images. I knew the resale demand would be huge. I told David we had to profile Simon Le Bon. I told him: “If you stick him on the cover sales will go off through the roof. Double the print run.” He didn’t take my advice, but he later wished he had.

I pulled out all the stops for the shoot. I managed to blag a free room at Blakes Hotel; one of the trendiest and coolest pioneers in the small boutique hotel trend. Each room was different. I opted for one with the sunken bed. I had plans for sexy Simon.

Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon and band-mate Nick Rhodes turned up on time with two starstruck girls from their record company PR department. I planned to get Simon to take off his shirt and have him pose bare-chested, seductively pouting at the camera. This was in direct contrast with my usual hard, gritty punk style portraits of Johnny Rotten or Paul Weller. The New Romantics were in, and I was happy to have a whole new scene and set of characters to photograph. Punk was incredible, but in the end, it became repetitive and predictable. After 90 minutes of hair and makeup, Simon was spotless, posing seductively on the sunken bed. For Nick, I did a portrait of him and his reflection in an art deco mirror. The shoot went smoothly. Both Simon and Nick were very professional and easy to work with. After they all left, I jumped up and down on the sunken bed in excitement, hurriedly packed up my gear, and raced to get my film to the lab.

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