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Creators are not credited or paid helps you fight back!

Today the demand and venues for digital content are exploding. Unfortunately, 70% of the digital images in circulation online are without adequately defined or obtained usage rights, the vast majority with neither copyright protection nor licensing rights.  Many creators are not credited or paid.

Register and protect creative work

Instantly register, catalogue and store a permanent, tamper-proof record in the blockchain to prove ownership, existence and integrity of any IP and digital asset.

Publish a more efficient artist credit introduces the first blockchain enabled artists credit link. It's a unique combination of a blockchain registration to protect your content, an updatable content ID to keep potential buyers informed, and a one-click inquiry and payment solution to streamline sales. Wherever you publish your work online (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) a fileprotected credit link will help protect your copyright, defend against infringement and increase sales.

One-click sales channel

Published as an artist credit link, the link provides a direct and trusted “one-click” communication channel for inquiries, information and secure transactions between buyers and sellers of creative content.

  • For creators: it helps to protect copyright, defend against infringement, instantly communicate licensing information, establishes proof of authorship, integrity and provenance and provides a secure solution to engage with interested parties, transact and deliver content.
  • For buyers: it ensures the integrity of the material, includes required information for potential licensees, reduces the time and effort involved in researching and securing usage rights, provides an instant communication channel and streamlines a transaction.

Don’t Create Without It! can be deployed as a stand-alone service or as a fully integrated feature. Sendergram is a secure way to send, review, deliver, transact and accept payment for sales and licencing of creative work, intellectual property and important files. A blockchain registered cryptographic audit-trail helps to protect and reinforce copyright, makes infringement harder, easier to defend and reduces misunderstanding and disputes.

For a limited time only

For a limited time only while we introduce Sendergram and you can send and track as many Sendergram’s as you like and blockchain register an unlimited amount of files and data for free. Anyone can create a free account and be up and running in minutes.