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Digitally finger-printed, time-stamped registered in the blockchain

for all types who create, produce, send, transact, license or sell creative work, copyrighted material and intellectual property

photographers, filmakers, musicians, screenwriters, journalists, designers, advertising, digital agencies, art buyers, galleries, sales reps and production teams.

Proof of the existence, ownership, authenticity of any digital file

  1. Register

    Make copyright infringement and plagiarism harder. Instantly blockchain register, catalogue and store a tamper-proof record to protect and prove copyright, existence and authenticity of any IP and digital file.

  2. Protect

    Include the fileprotected registration and creative ID link wherever you post online. It informs others of your copyright, description of work, licensing, sales and contact information. One click inquiry button connects you to sales.

  3. Instagram

    When you post your work on Instagram tagged with #fileprotected your copyright is automatically protected. It’s digitally-fingerprinted, time-stamped, registered in the blockchain and listed in your fileprotected account.

  4. Sell

    With one click you can list work available for sales and licensing on, a creative content marketplace. It connects buyers and sellers directly without intermediaries or fees.