Passport for creative work

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Don’t Create Without It!

Tools for modern content creators


Protect copyright, discourage infringement, reduce disputes, increase discovery and sales

  1. Register

    Instantly and permanently register ownership of any digital content with verified proof of existence, authorship & authenticity with digitally finger-printed, timestamped evidence, registered in the blockchain.

  2. Creative ID

    A registration is combined with a Creative ID web link to protect & inform copyright, the terms & attribution. It enables instant inquiries, licencing & sales wherever creative work is published or shared.

  3. Get Social

    Automatic registration for Instagram content tagged with #fileprotected or sent by email. Embed a Creative ID for Email, Facebook, Twitter or wherever creative work is distributed.

  4. Delivery

    Deliver work and process payments simply & efficiently with certified proof. Each party receives the work with a detailed manifest ensuring trust & transparency for all deliverables.

Who owns your work?