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Don’t Create Without It!

A permanent and unbreakable link between a creator and the work. FileProtected delivers a secure way to share, publish and transact with digital content. It leverages blockchain technology for proof of existence, integrity and attribution. It registers ownership, discourages copyright infringement, reduces disputes, increases discovery and sales opportunities without middlemen.

photographers, filmmakers, musicians, screenwriters, journalists, designers, advertising, digital agencies, art buyers, galleries, sales reps and production teams.

  1. Register

    A FileProtected registration creates a unique digital fingerprint, Creative ID and certificate based on the contents of the digital file, ownership, metadata and rights information and stores a permanent record in Bitcoins Blockchain.

  2. Protect

    Include the FileProtected Creative ID link whenever you send, share or publish content.  It informs others of your copyright information, licensing, terms, description of work, sales and contact information. One click to make an inquiry or a payment.

  3. Share

    Automatic registration when you post your work on Instagram tagged with #fileprotected or send by Gmail, each file is digitally-fingerprinted, time-stamped, registered with blockchain technology and listed in your account and stored in your Google Drive account.

  4. Marketplace

    Trusted content creators can publish and promote their work available for license on, a direct to creator community marketplace and showroom Buyers can search, discover and transact directly with simplified one click licensing.