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Lock in your rights. Register your work on the blockchain for undeniable proof of copyright and protection against theft.

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Get a unique digital passport to promote, control, license, and sell your work effortlessly.


Skip the middleman. Our marketplace connects you directly with buyers, so you keep 100% of your profits.


Tag your Instagram posts with #fileprotected to automatically register and boost your reach and sales.


Increase your work’s visibility with our integrated search it connects your creations with buyers through a seamless sales process.


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Own your work, set your own terms, and keep 100% of your profits


Your Creative ID

The Passport for Digital Creation

We make it easy to register and verify creative work, assert ownership, attribute it correctly, and monetize it directly without middlemen or commissions. FileProtected's Creative ID system is the secure, permanent passport for your digital creations. The transparency and immutability of blockchain form the backbone of the Creative ID, providing a detailed, verified record of the creative process (origin, agreements, emails, collaborators), it reduces legal disputes and enhances the security, credibility, and sales potential of creative work.

  • Secure Your Work: Blockchain technology proves you're the original creator.
  • Control Your Rights: Set your terms, license your work, and get paid.
  • Expand Your Reach: Your Creative ID unlocks new opportunities to sell and license your work.
  • Sales Agent: Your Creative ID promotes your work, clarifies rights, and facilitates sales wherever it's viewed.
  • Secures AI ART: Establish ownership of AI creations, detailed proof of human creative input and originality.

Worried about AI art copyright?

We've got you covered.

Protect your AI-generated art under U.S. copyright law. FileProtected's Creative ID system ensures your AI-generated work meets copyright criteria from the moment it's created, meticulously documenting your human input, creative decisions, and originality to provide the proof needed for AI copyright protection by default. Even if you're using licensed images as part of your creative process, disputes can arise. With FileProtected, your detailed records provide stronger protection and transparency, demonstrating your originality and the transformative nature of your work, mitigating potential legal risks.

FileProtected: Your Partner in AI Art Protection

While FileProtected's blockchain registration does not replace official copyright registration, which may offer additional legal benefits in some jurisdictions, our platform goes beyond traditional registration. By providing extensive supporting documentation, including creation dates, proof of originality, and a detailed narrative of your involvement, we empower you to confidently claim, protect, and defend your rights in the realm of digital and AI-generated content.

Benefits for AI Artists:

  • Proof of Ownership: Establish clear rights to your AI-generated work.
  • Shift the Burden of Proof: Make challengers prove you didn't create your work.
  • Deter Infringement: Robust documentation discourages infringement and copyright challenges.
  • Empowers AI Creators: Confidently claim, protect, license, and defend rights.
  • Reduced Legal Risk: Brings clarity and transparency to the uncertain legal landscape.
  • Future-Proofing: Ensure your creations are protected as laws evolve.
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4 Simple Steps

FileProtected makes it simple to protect and profit from your digital creations. Whether you're an artist, musician, designer, or AI creator, we give you the tools to reach a wider audience and earn more from your work. Our secure platform and transparent licensing process ensure you're always in control.

Step 1: Register Your Work

Step 2: Get Your Creative ID

Step 3: Set Your Terms

Step 4: Monetize Your Work

Origin Content

Tired of platforms taking a cut of your hard work?

Tired of platforms taking a cut of your hard work? Origin Content is the transparent marketplace built for creators. You set the rules, you keep the profits, and you build a direct connection with your buyers.

  • 100% Profit: Keep every cent you earn from your art – no commission
  • Set Your Terms: Control your prices, licensing terms, and how your work is used.
  • Secure Payments: Get paid directly and safely.
  • Global Reach: Showcase your art to a worldwide audience.
  • Transparent: No hidden fees, clear communication, and secure payments

All Creators

No Matter the Medium

No matter your medium or style, FileProtected safeguards your creations. We believe every artist deserves protection, ownership, and the chance to thrive, photographers, musicians, writers, AI artists, designers – and everything in between. FileProtected gives you the tools to protect your work and secure your future.

  • Visual Artists: Protect your photos, digital art, animations, and more.
  • Musicians: Secure your music, lyrics, and recordings at every stage.
  • Writers & Designers: Secure your written work, designs, and code.
  • AI Artists: Secure your AI-generated images, videos, and other works.

Trusted by Creators Worldwide

FileProtected's Creative ID makes licensing my work a breeze. Frank L, Digital Artist

I can clearly document the entire creative process behind my AI art, protecting my ownership rights Simon P. AI Creator

I've never felt more secure and empowered to share my music with the world! Mark S, Musician

It's a game-changer, I feel truly in control of my creations and their future! David Levine, Photographer

Secure Your IP Now

Reclaim control, claim ownership, assert your rights, and unleash your creative potential.

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  • Blockchain Proof: Unbreakable ownership verification.
  • Creative ID: Your art's digital passport for control and sales.
  • Sell Direct: No middlemen, 100% profit.
  • Protect Instagram: Automatic registration with #fileprotected.
  • Get Discovered: Buyers can easily find and license your work.
  • Safe & Secure: Payments, delivery, and every transaction.
  • Extra Protection: Watermarks, QR codes, and Adobe's C2PA.
  • AI-Powered: Smart organization with AI metadata.
  • All Your Work: Photos, videos, AI art, text – everything's covered.
  • Your Storage: Seamlessly connect your cloud storage.

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