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Passport for creative work

FileProtected delivers automatic content registration service and provides simple tools to protect, share, transact and monetize digital content securely.

Tools to protect, promote and sell

Protect copyright, discourage infringement, reduce disputes, increase discovery and sales

  1. Register

    FileProtected leverages blockchain technology to register proof of ownership. A digital fingerprint to verify the integrity of the content and a Creative ID to inform others of your copyright, enable inquires, encourage and facilitate sales where ever content is shared.

  2. Creative ID

    A creative passport anchored to a file and linked to a blockchain registration. Wherever the work goes the Creative ID travels with it. View the work, check the registration, attribution, integrity, description, the copyright, usage terms, contact information, make an inquiry purchase or license the work.

  3. Get Social

    Automatic registration when you post your work on Instagram tagged with #fileprotected, or use the embed tools for sharing on other networks, web sites, blogs or email. A fileprotected watermark alerts the public the work is protected. A credit line and a link to the Creative ID informs, promotes and facilitates sales.

  4. Transfer

    Deliver work and process payment with certified proof of delivery. A registration with a detailed manifest is downloaded with the files to provide a comprehensive tamper-proof record for both parties of precisely what was delivered.

It’s your work, register it, own it, FileProtect it!

FileProtected delivers a blockchain enabled-solution to protect and monetize digital content which meets the demands of a new era of digital creators, production, distribution and content venues.

See the Creative ID for my super rare Bruce Springsteen photograph

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