Register creative work Content registration, authentication, sales platform

Don’t Create Without It!

A blockchain-enabled solution for all creators to first permanently register ownership, attribution and provenance of creative work then access simple tools to share, publish, transact and deliver securely. Protect your copyright, discourage infringement, reduce disputes, increase discovery and sales opportunities without middlemen.

Artists, photographers, filmmakers, screenwriters, musicians, journalists, designers, Ad Agencies, inventors, bloggers, galleries, post-production, editors, animators…

  1. Register

    A FileProtected registration creates a digital fingerprint of the work combined with the owner's identifying information (Creative ID). If your copyright is challenged or infringed, it will provide time-stamped evidence of the existence, attribution and the authenticity of your work. 

  2. Creative ID

    Include the FileProtected Creative ID link whenever you send, share or publish content. When clicked it informs others the work is protected, the copyright information, licensing, terms, description of work, sales and contact information. One-click inquiry or payment.

  3. Automatic

    Automatic registration when you post your work on Instagram tagged with #fileprotected or sent by email. Each file is digitally-fingerprinted, time-stamped, registered in the blockchain and linked to a Creative ID. A digital manifest provides a comprehensive tamper-proof record.

  4. Marketplace

    Trusted content creators can publish, promote, discover and sell work on, a direct to creator marketplace and showroom. Buyers can search, discover and transact directly with simple legal and one-click sales and licensing.