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FileProtected is the next generation of digital content registration, authentication, and monetization. FileProtected uses blockchain technology to make content ownership, provenance, and authenticity indisputable and then offers simple tools to help protect, share, transact, deliver, and monetize your IP anywhere it goes.

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FileProtected can register and authenticate any digital file or IP, including original works of art, photos, video, music, writing, and all emerging digital media frequently not protected under current copyright law. FileProtected uses the blockchain, timestamps, and digital fingerprints for certified tamper-proof evidence.

Creative ID

The Creative ID system ensures that your content is always protected, adequately attributed and informs viewers of your ownership, copyright and sales details. Buyers can make informed inquiries, verify authenticity, and license content in a few clicks.


FileProtected's built-in marketplace with simple legal and licensing features lets you quickly discover, buy, and sell. Buyers and sellers can transact with confidence in the work's ownership, origin and integrity without intermediaries or extra fees!


Posting your work on Instagram using #fileprotected provides an instant automatic registration of your Instagram content with indisputable certified proof of ownership, attribution, and authenticity. Plus, you can register all your existing posts!


FileProtected is fully integrated with Google search; this helps increase your content's discoverability and boost sales. A small, licensable badge will appear over the search results and links to the Creative ID for inquiries, sales and payments.


Deliver work and process payments simply & efficiently with certified proof and audit trail. Each party receives the work with a detailed manifest ensuring trust & transparency for all deliverables.


Digital Ownership

Digital creators face a host of challenges when it comes to protecting their intellectual property (IP). The landscape is complex and ever-changing, from registration and authentication to infringement and monetization. Nearly every creator - from artists and musicians to authors and bloggers struggles to maintain control over their work, protect it from infringement, receive attribution or monetize it effectively. FileProtected is changing all that.

FileProtected is the next generation of digital content protection, management, and monetization. FileProtected uses Blockchain technology to support current IP law and to overcome its limitations to meet the demands of a new generation of digital creators and producers working with new emerging mediums, NFT, VR, AI, XR, and MRC, which often lie outside of traditional copyright protection, making it difficult for creators to safeguard their work and monetize it. These creators need a way to prove ownership and authenticity of their digital creations, and FileProtected provides that proof and more!

Don’t Create Without It!

Safeguarding your IP is becoming increasingly difficult in today's digital environment. Traditional content protection measures have generally failed to address digital age issues. Using a blockchain-powered platform, FileProtected offers an innovative solution. It enables you to store proof of ownership, provenance, and authenticity for any digital IP in any medium. FileProtected helps secure your IP, deter and defend against infringement, reduce disputes, and expand new channels for discovery and sales.

Using the FileProtected platform, you can:

Own It. Control It. Monetize It.

FileProtected makes it easy to register, assert ownership, attribute it correctly, and monetize it directly with your audience on our marketplace or where ever you share your work. And best of all, there are no additional fees or commissions—100% of the money goes straight to you.

Creative ID

Digital content has its own unique identity, thanks to FileProtected. The Creative ID (CID) creates a web-based twin for the file; it binds proof of ownership, provenance, and authenticity in a manifest and signs it with a tamper-proof cryptographic signature stored in the blockchain. The CID supports artists in marketing, selling, and IP protection. The CID can be kept private or made public as a shopfront with documentation of the work, its creator and available rights. Buyers can make an informed inquiry, independently confirm the registration, and confidently complete a transaction.

Creators of all levels welcome

We welcome all creative types and all industry stakeholders to our platform, regardless of experience or expertise. Whether you're a professional photographer, artist, musician, writer, illustrator, agency or agent or creating with new media, VR, AI, XR, and MRC we're excited to have you here.

Secure your digital future

In today's digital economy, your content is your most valuable asset. When it comes to protecting your work, don't leave anything to chance. Copyright law is complex and constantly evolving, which makes it hard to ensure that your work is truly protected. FileProtected future-proofs your IP by transcending traditional registration methods and the jurisdictional limitations of current practices out of sync with digital content that has no borders. Using FileProtected, you can rest assured that your work will be protected with certified proof and that you own it now and in the future. So why take the risk? Protect your work with FileProtected today!

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