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By adding the #fileprotected hashtag, you'll automatically register your content and establish proof of ownership and authenticity in the blockchain. Plus, you can also register all your existing posts!

Creative ID

Ensure proper attribution for your content with our Creative ID system. Display ownership, copyright, and sales information wherever your work travels, enabling easy licensing and verification with just a few clicks.


Boost your content's visibility and sales potential with our integration with Google Search. A licensable badge will appear in search results, directing users to your Creative ID for inquiries, sales, and payments.


Buy and sell creative works with confidence using our secure and straightforward legal and licensing features. Enjoy a marketplace that verifies content ownership, origin, and integrity, all without intermediaries or extra fees.


Hashtags have long been a staple on social media. But imagine a hashtag that does more than categorize your content - one that automatically protects and helps sell your work. FileProtected makes this possible. Add #fileprotected to your Instagram posts, and our platform registers your content, storing unchangeable, verifiable proof of ownership, attribution, and authenticity using blockchain technology.


Don’t Create Without It!

As the digital landscape evolves, creators face infringement, attribution, and sales challenges. Traditional copyright laws struggle to keep pace with technological advancements, leaving current and emerging mediums such as AI vulnerable to infringement. FileProtected addresses these concerns by providing a streamlined system for the registration, management and monetization of all digital content, empowering creators to:

Creative ID

Creative content is worthless if you can't prove ownership or trust the seller.

Protect your Instagram content and monetize your content with FileProtected's blockchain-powered Creative ID system. It forms an unbreakable bond between a creator, the content and sales for transparent representation wherever your content is viewed. With Creative ID, viewers can verify authenticity, learn about the work, copyright, and usage rights, and make informed inquiries and purchases. FileProtected streamlines the creative process for creators and buyers, enhancing trust and successful sales.

Own It. Control It. Monetize It.

At FileProtected, creativity flows freely, with no intermediaries standing in the way of your success. We give you the power to own, control, and monetize your content directly with your desired audience. With 100% profit retention and no added fees or commissions, you can trust in our platform to register, protect, and manage your work, making it easy to sell and realize its full potential.

All Creators, All Mediums

FileProtected for Instagram is a versatile platform tailored to empower creatives working in various domains – artists, photographers, musicians, influencers, animators, filmmakers, designers, advertising, agencies and galleries and those venturing into emerging digital mediums such as AI, NFTs, VR, AR, AI and XR. If it's digital FileProtected makes sure you own it!

Secure your digital future

Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in securing your digital content ownership for years to come. While copyright remains important, digital ownership and authenticity benefit from additional methods like digital signatures, watermarks, and blockchain technology. These methods can provide additional layers of protection, help address some of the unique challenges posed by digital ownership and authentication, and solve and support copyright's well-documented shortfalls for digital IP.

Founder's Perspective

As a co-founder of FileProtected and a fellow creator (, I understand the challenges of protecting IP and monetizing creative work. That's why we created FileProtected: to empower creators to take control of their IP, eliminate intermediaries, and engage directly with markets using blockchain technology. We aim to create a more efficient and trustworthy ecosystem where creators receive fair compensation, and all parties have complete confidence in the origin and integrity of the content being viewed or exchanged. With FileProtected, you can showcase, license, and sell your work with transparency and security while maintaining ownership and integrity, and make infringement harder to get away with.

If you're a creator looking for a reliable way to protect your work, meet the challenges of the digital era and get paid what you deserve, join us at FileProtected. Let's build a better creative ecosystem together!

Founder and international photographer

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