Iphone, 2023

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Iphone, 2023

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Andy Rosen started out as a music photographer working as a staff photographer on Record Mirror and Sounds and freelancing to NME, Melody Maker, The Face Magazine and most record companies during the burgeoning punk scene in the mid-1970s. As a friend and cohort of many who went on to become the biggest names in punk. Rosen had unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the musicians and artists of London’s early punk scene. 

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Creative Brief: iPhone 15 Campaign – "Redefining Art through AI"

Project Title: AI Artistry: Echoes of Man Ray and Picasso


The iPhone has always been more than just a communication device. It’s an instrument of expression, a canvas for creativity, and with the iPhone 15, we are stepping into a new era of artistic innovation. With advances in AI, we’re blending the timeless aesthetics of two iconic artists – Man Ray and Picasso – into an extraordinary digital canvas.


Position the iPhone 15 not just as a phone, but as a medium where technology meets art. Amplify its advanced AI capabilities that empower users to effortlessly create art inspired by the iconic styles of Man Ray and Picasso.

Target Audience:

  1. Tech enthusiasts: Individuals who eagerly anticipate and adopt the latest in technological innovation.
  2. Creatives & Artists: Those who harness technology as a medium for their artistic expression and are always looking to expand their toolkit.
  3. The aspirational crowd: Users who may not necessarily be tech-savvy but appreciate the blend of art and technology, seeing it as a status symbol or a means of self-expression.

Key Insight:

The essence of art is not bound by the confines of a canvas or a photograph. With the right tools, it can evolve, and the iPhone 15's AI capabilities present an opportunity to redefine artistic expression.

Key Messaging:

  1. Redefining Artistry: The iPhone 15 empowers you to channel the artistic essence of Man Ray and Picasso, reimagined for the digital age.
  2. Limitless Creativity: With cutting-edge AI, create stunning visuals that pay homage to iconic art styles with just a few taps.
  3. More than a Phone: A tool, a canvas, a revolution in artistic expression – the iPhone 15 is where technology meets timeless art.

Creative Concept:

"AI as the Artist's Muse"

Visual Direction:

  • Imagery will draw parallels between classic works of Man Ray and Picasso and the AI interpretations made possible by the iPhone 15.
  • Fusion of monochromatic surrealism (inspired by Man Ray) and the vibrant geometrical abstraction (echoing Picasso).

Execution Ideas:

  1. Digital Portraits: Showcase portraits of diverse individuals, half in the original photo, and half transformed by AI in the styles of Man Ray or Picasso.
  2. Augmented Reality Gallery: An AR experience where users can "walk" through a digital gallery, seeing classics morph into AI-augmented masterpieces.
  3. Interactive Workshops: Engage with artists and influencers to conduct online workshops where they showcase the process of creating such AI-influenced art.


  1. Digital Ad Campaign – Video and Static Ads
  2. AR Gallery Experience
  3. Social Media Takeovers & Workshops
  4. In-Store Displays & Demos

Metrics for Success:

  1. Engagement rate on digital advertisements.
  2. Number of users engaging with the AR gallery.
  3. Workshop participation and subsequent user-generated content.
  4. Increase in sales or pre-orders for iPhone 15 post-launch.


Initial brainstorming & mood board creation: Week 1-2
Development of digital assets & AR experience: Week 3-5
Engaging influencers & planning workshops: Week 6-7
Campaign launch: Week 8


The iPhone 15, with its unmatched AI capabilities, is not just a device but a bridge between past artistic marvels and the limitless possibilities of the future. By intertwining the essence of Man Ray and Picasso, we're not just showcasing a feature but echoing a sentiment - that art evolves, and with the right tools, it knows no bounds.

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